The name Tawharau encapsulates our vision to simplify the currently overly complicated process of providing housing, with a clear concise and simple mission of providing our people with the basic human right to ‘shelter’ in the form of safe, warm, dry, healthy and affordable homes.



Tawharau was established out of a need for a more unified collaborative approach to providing safe, warm, dry, healthy and affordable homes to the people of New Zealand. Tawharau is a collective of consultants, contractors and suppliers that collaborate with various key stakeholders to develop and deliver truly affordable housing solutions. We are united under the single vision of providing safe, warm, dry, healthy and affordable homes and collectively driven by a kaupapa of prioritizing people before profit in all aspects of the housing development process.


We utilize a number of housing development concepts and techniques unique to Tawharau, that aim to improve the time and cost efficiencies of residential housing design, development and delivery while simultaneously producing a wide range of social benefits.

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